PREMIUM ANNIVERSARY YEAR of World of tanks بسته هدیه بازی world of tanks

قیمت: 3,918,919 تومان


قیمت برای شما:2,468,919 تومان

معرفی اجمالی محصول PREMIUM ANNIVERSARY YEAR of World of tanks

محتویات پکیج شگفت انگیز با قیمت استثنایی

  • 360 روز پرمیوم بازی world of tanks
  • 2 عدد گاراژ 
  • تانک VIII WZ-120-1G FT به همراه خدمه 100% آموزش دیده
  • تانک VI PUDEL به همراه خدمه 100% آموزش دیده

نمایش بیشتر

نقد و بررسی متخصصین

Celebrate 10 Years of World of Tanks with 1 year of Premium Account and two great tanks. A World of Tanks Premium Account grants you additional credits and experience for every battle, as well as special Premium missions, a Credit reserve stock, and much more. Upgrade your game experience now and you’ll receive two Premium Tanks as a gift.
The WZ-120-1G FT is a sneaky Chinese tank destroyer with a reliable gun and good mobility.
The Polish Pudel has a great rate of fire, is pretty accurate and can even deal some serious damage by ramming.

Important: The tanks are added as a gift to the bundle and will, therefore, not be compensated in Gold or Credits if you already own them.

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